What Makes Our Corned Beef Great

Original Blend Of Spices

A fresh mix of hand-picked spices designed to heighten the flavour of this tender cut of beef.

Fresh And Wholesome

Every Rachel's product starts with delicious, healthy, beef.

Robust And Complete Flavour

Rachel's take on this time-honoured standard is packed with a flavour that will keep bringing you back.

Easy Cooking Instructions:

  • Remove corned beef from packaging and place in a pot.
  • Add enough water to cover the product.
  • Bring water to a boil, reduce temperature to medium-low and allow to simmer for 2-3 hours or until internal temperature reaches 160°F (71°C).
  • Remove from pot. Slice and serve.

Simple And Delicious

Make this easy to prepare, flavourful classic the centrepiece to your next meal.

About Us

Rachel’s is a brand of St. Helen’s. Located in the historical Stockyard district of Toronto, St. Helen’s is one of the largest family owned and operated federal meat establishments in Canada. Our roots date back to the early 1950’s with a small butcher shop focused on servicing local markets with the finest beef, veal, lamb, and poultry products. Our philosophy is based on building strong relationships with our partners, continuous re-investment in our facilities, and most importantly providing safe quality products for our customers.

At St. Helen’s we are vertically integrated; from sourcing livestock from our associated feedlots to distributing our products with our own fleet. Servicing both domestic and international markets we have not lost sight of the core values and traditions from which St. Helen’s was founded.St. Helen’s, We are proud of our reputation as “The Sign of Quality!”


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What Our Clients Say About Us


I have been eating corned beef my whole life, and even worked in a delicatessen for many years. I would say that Rachel’s Corned Beef is as good as or better than any corned beef I have ever eaten. Always juicy and perfectly flavored, Rachel’s is by far my favorite corned beef. P.S. the wonderful smell of the meat cooking on the stove really gets my mouth watering!


I have purchased Rachel's Corned Beef on several occasions and must say I have found it to be an excellent product! While it is great when used in a traditional sandwich I especially enjoy it when cooked with potatoes, carrots and cabbage. The key is to follow the cooking instructions properly to ensure it comes out fork tender. As good as or better than from the Restaurants!


I was a devoted customer for years of the Maple Leaf brand corn beef and would never buy anything else. However, it became very difficult to find it in stores and I got very frustrated and decided to try the Rachel’s brand corn beef. The product exceeded my expectations, it was delicious. I will never buy another brand after tasting this one. Keep it up Rachel’s. I’m a customer for life.


Was a little bit tough the first time, then I read online to “SIMMER UNTIL FORK TENDER”, this was a game changer…. super tender the second time around. Make sure you simmer long enough!

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